Terra and Beyond . . .

Vieled curtain beyond
Bright clarity in spring green -
Moonlight makes them one.

Small glint of light
Streaks across the universe;
Thoughts dispel in awe.

Veil of silver hair -
Clouds touched by moonlight shine
Like Grandfather's eyes.

Gentle breezes echo
Secrets of the universe
Through whispering leaves.

Gleaming cliffs above
White pebbles beneath my feet;
Thoughts of Dover linger.

Fading sunlight glows
Golden touch upon the green
of earth's timeless dusk.

From the Desert . . .

Washes run dry -
The brevity of spring brings
A cactus blossom.

Tall silhouettes stand
Stark against the horizon;
The Sahuaro remains.

Dried dust mingles
Parched air consumes the desert -
The monsoons waiting.

Coyote calls
In night's dark distance;
His sound fades too soon.

Fresh scent of rain
Glistening globes of water -
The desert is fed.

My path is wet with
The now scent of rosemary -
It must be raining.

The Soul . . .

Engulfing despair
Reaches deep, becoming my
Dark night of the soul.

Yearning a cocoon
of solitude and solace;
Swirling winds comfort.

My heart torn in truth
By yearning for acceptance,
I lost my self/soul.

Vines climb the terrace
Pushing upwards with new growth;
Renewal incarnate.

New life stirs within -
A fleeting moment of joy
Remembered forever.

Persuing silence
Still a chuckle escapes;
My cats are grooming.

Soft fur vibrating
Sound of deep contentment -
A kitten purrs.

Old wooden staircase
Leather chairs and oiled banisters;
Scents of long ago.

©1997-2011 by Pleione, all rights reserved.

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